Main Trunk Line

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Main Trunk LineMain Trunk Line first stageMain Trunk Line second stagePhilodendron SelloumPhilodendron Selloum

The main trunk of this sub-tropical plant looks it's been written on.

Where the forearm sized leaf-stems fall off the main trunk, there's a remaining imprint pattern of giant cells with delicate double circles and spirals.

This acrylic ink painting is born of that botanical pattern.

The plant is a Philodendron Selloum and there's a huge old specimen in a garden I visit regularly. 

The plant is robust with giant deeply lobed leaves, but the imprinted main trunk pattern has a finer filigree quality that the fluid acrylic inks are a match for.


This work on canvas is 300 mm wide and 610 mm high and is varnished an ready to hang.