Wendy Laurenson Artist


In the elements                                                                                                     

My tiny studio is on the coast in the far north of New Zealand where I find the sheer physicality of the elements cleansing, inspirational, and informative. 

As kiwis we are very connected to the elements. They are a primal nourishment for us on every level. They feed our bodies, our emotions, our minds – and our souls. When we walk barefoot, when we’re in and out of the sea, and when we sit around fires under the stars, we naturally connect to something greater than ourselves.



Why paint?

"If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint." By Edward Hopper

For years I was a word-smith. I wrote feature articles for magazines and words were my language. I listened to people’s projects and stories, then distilled the essence of them into articles. Some stories were informative. Some were heart breaking. All of them were inspirational.

But after more than a decade of working with words, something else was seeking expression. Something was stirring - and it was outside the language of words.
It was unseen and unsaid.  Something of our collective soul was wanting to speak.

The soul speaks in music and movement and metaphor – and image.

I started to paint. 



Painting the Invisible..?

I began painting boats and pots and musical instruments and hands. Then, dynamic patterns emerged in the spaces around each subject - enfolding and enlivening them. 

And so began my journey into the language of energetic vibration - nature’s own pattern language. 

It’s a language that belongs to all of us but that most of us have forgotten. It’s a language that is both subtle and powerful.

It’s time for us to remember that again now, and my paintings are simply helping us to remember.






People respond to the paintings with uplift, and anticipation.....and excitement.

Often there is also a tinge of longing.

"The two paintings have given my heart a song of remembrance and my soul a place of uplift." Simone

"I am truly honoured to eventually have one of your works - especially one which means so much to me. You possibly don't know how much." Ger

"Your paintings are portals of visual healing." Jeff H