Wendy Laurenson Artist
Garden Goddess. Heliconia painting by Wendy Laurenson

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Garden Goddess

When this sub-tropical beauty flowers, she simply radiates grace, colour and presence. Heliconias are real stunners here in the far north with their lush banana-like foliage and bright red flower-bract spikes with surprise yellow-green inner blooms.

Helicon is a mountain group in Greece which, in Greek mythology, was believed to be the source of poetic inspiration and the home of the muses. It seems fitting that the botanical name of this garden goddess echoes such mystical origins. 

Transparent acrylic inks overlaid with thin layers of acrylic paint convey the heliconia's powerful elegance. 

This painting is 610 mm high by 455 mm wide and 35 mm deep with painted canvas edges ready to hang.