Summer solstice here is signalling our expansive time of bright sunlight and long days,

while the northern hemisphere retreats into its time of dark sacred nights.



And a couple of weeks ago, I watched the super-moon emerge from its hillside hideaway to spill its brilliant light over the ocean.

It surfed for a few seconds on the crest of each wave before washing ashore on the ink-wet sand.

The radiance of the super-moon was only revealed under the night’s cloak of darkness.


At about the same time, I put my solar powered tiny coloured lights up on the trellis by the deck.

When the evening light dimmed, the magical net of red and blue and green punctuated the night .


These three events reminded me of the daily dance between dark and light and of how sometimes light is only visible because of the darkness.

I realized too that three of my recent paintings have a strong light/dark focus.


The Forgotten Door speaks of the promise of possibility

flooding through a solid forgotten portal.




Tower Power is a painting of a fanciful light-house with its revolving beam beacon.

Inside, the stone building quietly glows with human habitation.

On a more subtle level, the stone tower that is housing both the humans and the light,

is also gathering and harnessing life-force

and broadcasting it out into the nearby landscape and community.


And The Treasure Boat is glowing under the load of its precious cargo –

whatever you may imagine that to be.


"….only when it is dark enough, can you see the stars." Martin Luther King Jr

As with light, so it is in life.