Wendy Laurenson Artist

Available Paintings




Beginning Again
Berry on the Rise
Bird of Paradise
Broad-cast. Original painting of flax seedpod by Wendy Laurenson.
Cactus Chorus
Cactus mini 1. Painting by Wendy Laurenson
Cactus mini 2
Cactus mini 3. Painting by Wendy Laurenson
Cactus mini 4. Painting by Wendy Laurenson
Caribbean Calling

Caribbean Calling

Painted bamboo chair seat


Cone-shell Treasure
Dance of the Goose-neck painting by Wendy Laurenson



Garden Goddess. Heliconia painting by Wendy Laurenson
Good Bones

Good Bones


Grounded Enough to Fly
Happy Hives
Leaves of Gold
Light-up Time
Main Trunk Line
Mexican Echo

Mexican Echo

Painted bamboo chair back


Old Bones

Old Bones


Palm Pathways
Paua Potential
Pod Body

Pod Body


Purple Bean
Shell Echoes
Stone Lens

Stone Lens


Stored in Stone
The Conversation
The Dancer
The Forgotten Door
The New Globe
The Red Tent
The Rocks that Remember
The Seed Keeper
The Stone Singer
'Three Muses out Cruising' Original painting by Wendy Laurenson
Power Tower
Treasure Boat
Ukulele Muse



We Sailed to This Land
Wings in Waiting. Original painting of a chrysalis by Wendy Laurenson
You Passed This Way